Pictures of My Family

Natalie at Halloween

Diane, Sid and Mel
Chick, Connie and Gibby

Diane and her two dogs Sidney and Melbourne

Auntie Chick, and uncles Connie and Gibby

Here is a picture of Mom taken at Christmas with her doggie, Pepper.

Here is my dad, Bruno.
Delaney n Dylan

Delaney and Dylan's Christmas Picture.

This was taken at Thanksgiving. It's a great shot.
Mike's side

This is Mike's side of the family. Taken in 1999 on Jan. 1st.
Miriam and the dogs
Gino in Arizona

Miriam and the dogs. They love her.

Gino showed me around Arizona when I went in June - Boy it was hot. I went to visit a friend who moved their this year.
Miriam and Dan's Wedding Party
Miriam's side
Dan's side

Danny and Miriam's wedding pictures.
Deb and Auntie Lou and Aunie Chick
Auntie Alice and Jimmy and Mike and Deb

Christmas 2003 with Auntie Chick and Auntie Lou.

Auntie Alice, Jimmy, Mike and I for our Christmas dinner in Crown Point.

Marinna's new picture

Luke is very cool.

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Updated 1/13/04