Pictures of My Friends
Korey and Emily
Phil and Emily
Mike and Emily

Back in April, 2002 we visit our friends Korey, Phil and Emily. We went to the aquarium, the butterfly farm and just had a lot of fun playing cards at home. I can't wait to see them again soon.

Jim and Sherri and Brett

friends Sherri and Jim.... And Brett. Cute as a button... Brett that is...

Satomi, Yuki and Dad

Riho and Rina and Buffy
Riho and Rina
This is my friend Hiroko's two daughters, Riho and Rina. Riho is 9yrs old and Rina is 2yrs old. Buffy, their family pet is a very special boy. I had a hand in helping with his training when his family lived state-side.
Here is Riho and Rina, Christmas, 2001.
Jose and Niquita and Danny and Kooma
Me and Beth

Here is a picture of Jose and Niquita on his lap (I think she is Daddy's girl) and Danny looking on. Oh yes, Kooma is keeping watch in the background.

Beth and Joanna
Naomi and doggies
After staying up until 2am we finally finished that puzzle.
Naomi is back for a visit from Japan. Here she is with my dogs, and a visitor, Asa.
Here is Chisato riding her unicycle
All three girls are pretty good on the unicycle. Here is Chiaka steadying Chihiro
Saji kun
Keiko is leaving for Japan. She will miss my dogs the most I think. Niquita is just visiting us (she is in my lap).
Fumihiko Saji was my student a few years ago. Here he is in a boat on a river in Myan Mar (Used to be Burma).
Mindy's Birthday dinner. We went to a Japanese restaurant. It was very good.
Mom and Dad Jankofsky and Mindy showing me a good time on Mindy's birthday. We went to the "Satisfied Frog", but took our pictures at the "Horny Toad". Funny places.
Ravinia 2003
We went to Ravinia for a Recycled Rotts benefit in 2002.
and also in 2003.
Minami and dogs
Ravinia 2003
Here is Minami back in March with My dogs and my sister's dogs. She loves the dogs! Can you tell?
Christmas 2003 - Mika, Chihiro, Madoko and Debby

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