Pictures of
My Trip to Brazil
July, 2004
Dan and Miriam

In Dan's kitchen in Brazil

Dan and Miriam standing in front of their new property before they build their new house. Yes, their back yard will be on the beach. Nice.

Lizzy banished to the upstairs because Butch doesn't like her.


We are checking out Dan and Miriam's new property.

Miriam, Dan, Claudias, Cida, me and you can see Dad in the shadow, taking the picture

Norma and me
Norma and Miriam

We went to Buzios. It was rainy and chilly, so we didn't go on the boat, but we went shopping. It's a resort town.
Norma and Miriam

They have many statues that look like real people doing something. They have a statue of Bridget Bardoe, because she used to summer in Buzios. They have a statue of three guys fishing in the bay, and in high tide they look real. Here I am pretending to get the statue of a boy down from the pole.

Shopping the streets of Buzios.

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