Pictures of
My Trip to Brazil
July, 2004

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Restaurant view

Canto da Paia Restaurant, means side of the beach, or song of the beach. The food was delicious

Here is the view from the restaurant.
Butch and Lizzy

Lizzy and her new toy.

Butch and Lizzy together for a walk (or trying to anyway)

We went to the mountains. A town called Nova Friburgo. We stayed at a Swiss Resort. They had cottages. The weather was not good those days, as it rained, but we had a good time.

view from our cottage

This was the view from our cottage. It was beautiful.

We went to a Japanese Restaurant, Tunney, in Friburgo. This is the owner. He was very friendly. Not surprisingly this was the only Japanese Restaurant around the area.
Norma and me
Norma and Miriam

In Friburgo, we went to an outdoor museum where a fella, Mr. Nego, does outdoor sculptures in stone. He is very famous and has exhibited all over. It was very interesting to see his work.
Going up the lift
4,000 ft view

We went up the largest lift in Latin America. They don't ski here, but it took us up some 4,000 ft up for a view of Friburgo. It was cold. But it was a great morning (we got a sunny break in the rainy trip) for a great view.

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