Pictures of
My Trip to Brazil
July, 2004

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Restaurant view

Restaurant in Rio de Janiero. It is a "chuhastaria" which is a barbecue place. It is unique because several waiters come around with various meats on skewers and offer cuts for your plate. You have a little card that you place on your table by your place, on the green side, it means you are looking for more meat. On the red side, you are finished, and the waiters will not bother you. They also have a buffet spread with all sorts of salads and side dishes. The food was delicious there.

off the shores of Rio de Janiero
Sugar Loaf
Sugar Loaf

Sugar Loaf Mountain - one of the most famous views of Rio.

A close-up of Sugar Loaf. They have a cable car running up there. I did not get a chance to go up. Last time it was under repairs, and this time we didn't have the time. There is next time.

Cristos. I just turned around after taking the pictures of Sugar Loaf, and there it was.

me and Sugar Loaf
me and Cristos

I really was there... see?
Norma and Patricia and Hannah

Hannah, Norma and Patricia at a Mall. In Sao Paulo, we shopped and shopped and shopped. They have nice indoor malls, just like in the states, but I noticed that there are no large department stores. You have to buy your clothes at boutiques and specialty stores. We also went to the bargain stores and street vendors. I didn't take pictures there because we were on such a mission, and it was a little dangerous to be stopping to take pictures. You have to be on the go, and hold on to your purse at all times. Too bad because it was a unique place. I even witnessed the federal police arrest and take away a vendor for not having a license. It was scary. I'm so glad I have Miriam to take care of me.

This is Pamela, who was staying with Patricia and Hiromi when I stayed over.
Dan and Miriam
Patricia and Hiromi

We went to dinner the night before we left for home. Here is Dan and Miriam.

Patricia and Hiromi.
Mom and Dad
Me and Dad

Miriam's mom and dad.

Dad and me.

Nice group shot
My trip is over now. I'm already thinking about my next trip.

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