Pictures of My Canine Kids

Rasha - 6/11/94 to 12/20/04

She was my sunshine. She was high maintenence, and she felt that I was high maintenence too. She had to run around to keep track of me, keep me in line. She was always there - right next to me. I had to keep my eyes open to keep from tripping over her. She was very wary of other people, and really wary of other dogs. She loved Kooma and Sidney the best. She listened to my stories and never complained. In the end she couldn't eat anymore. Her digestive system gave out. We had to let her go. We were so sad to let her go, but we know there were lots of angels ready to take her to the bridge. She will wait for us there. She was my sunshine.
Kooma and Sara, my Rottweilers
Introducing.... Sara. She was born 10/1/02. She was a happy girl living with her Mom and two other doggies. Her mom became terminally ill and became unable to take care of her. She is a little upset about the move, but I hope she will relax as time passes. I want her to know that she will be well cared for, and will stay here forever. As you can see, she is a pillow queen. She loves to go on top of as many pillows as she can. Kooma is very happy to have her. He actually wagged his tail when she came into the house and gave her a kiss (he reserves his kisses - makes me beg for them). He knew she was the one. Kooma is 12 now, and his muzzle is really getting gray. He has severe arthritis, so we lowered the bed height so he can get up into bed more easily. He also gets a lot of supplements and medicine to help counter the pain he feels. He is ok now, but he won't have too much more time with us. It is sad their life spans are so short. Kooma is quite an old man for a rottweiler. One person who met Kooma said she never met such an old rottweiler. He has indeed lived a long time already... everyday he stays with us is a bonus.
Sara and Thor
Here is Sara and our foster-boy Thor. He is such a good boy. He is going to melt someone's heart. He is SO SWEET! Too Bad Kooma is not real happy with other boys.
Kooma and Rasha, my Rottweilers
Kooma and Rasha's Daughter, Josey
Here is a cute picture of Kooma and Rasha. Rasha is using Kooma's butt as a pillow. I know I like to do that sometimes too. Kooma is 9 yrs old here, and Rasha 7 yrs. Both seniors, we found more grey hairs distinguishing our babies everyday back then. They are just as spoiled as ever. Here is a picture of Kooma and Rasha's daughter, Josey. She came back to us when she was 14 months old, and was placed in a wonderful new home. She is being trained in obedience right now, and just graduated with HONORS from TOPS. Can you tell, I'm proud? Visit Josey's Home Page.
This is Mom and Dad's new boy, Pepper. He is a rescue Greyhound. They got him from Midwest Greyhound Rescue. Go see their website at:
This is Lila. She was my host family in Japan for 3 weeks. I just got back from a wonderful trip. Go see my pictures at: My Japan Trip 2004.
My Sunshine
Sunshine boy standing
Here is the second born, first son of Kooma and Rasha, Doken. His birth name was Sunshine (his collar was yellow). He was staying with us for a few days. He is a very smart boy (sometimes too smart), and is going to lots of training classes now. We are proud of him too.
Kooma and Rasha's Puppies 5/28/96
Kooma and Rasha had a litter of pups 5/28/98. It was a wonderful experience, but after volunteering with Recycled Rotts, I see that there are too many rottweilers looking for homes as it is, and I can't bring myself to having another litter. In a selfish way I was glad that I didn't know better, if only to have experienced the joy of litterhood. Here is Maizie. She was a middle born puppy we called Sweetpea. She had the green collar. She was very weak when she was born, and Mama Rasha pushed her away, as though she knew she wouldn't make it. But she didn't realize that she had some stubborn human parents who would do everything to assure Sweetpea got her nutrition. Look at her now!! (as I beam a little)
Niquita and Company
Niquita is my friend Beth's new dog. She is a very sweet girl, and recently spent 3 weeks with us. What a honey. Here is Niquita making herself at home on my computer chair.
Kooma and Mel
Mel and Kooma
Melbourne, the new addition to Diane's family. He is only 8 weeks old on the left, and on the right he is already 8 months old. Kooma likes him I think... deep down...
Diane and group
Sydney, Niquita and Mel
Diane and the group back in February when Mel was only 8 weeks old, and to the right, is Niquita and Sydney and Mel and nicely sitting on the sofa.
Rasha and the weinerdogs
Rasha and Mel
These two pictures were taken back in March, when Mel was still a pup. Rasha was a good mom. She let him crawl all over her.
Rasha and Mel
Mindy and Asa
Rasha and Mel like to snooze in the crate.
Mindy is making fun of Asa's big ears. It reminds me of the donkey kids in Pinocchio.
Kooma and Asa
Kooma and Asa are really pals... deep down anyway.
Asa and Kooma
Kooma, Rasha and Asa
We deprive them of attention, don't we? Such vicious teddy bears....
rott totem pole

Rottie Totem Pole?
This is Bogie. He is my friend, Shinya and Michiyo's doggie. He is such a good boy. He is dressed for the summer Japanese festivals. I bet he is in the parade!

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