Japan Trip 2004

I am staying at Lila's house in Japan. She is a wonderful hostess. She keeps my bed warm for me. She tells me when it's time to play. She even gives me kisses.

Kazuko and I went to a famous shrine in Asakusa. I made my new years prayers to the big guy. We had lunch at a wonderful French bistro. The owner was a Parisian. His English was pretty good, and so was his Japanese. Multilingual is very cool.

Here is Kazuko standing in front of the little booths at the Asakusa shrine. She lives with Lila too.

Hanging around Chinatown, Nakaishi-san fuufu, Kazuko, Kurachi-san and me.
Chinatown Lunch

Lunch in Chinatown, Yokohama. The food was great! Got together with some NU friends from WAAAAAAYYYY back... I had so much fun!

Kuracchan and I in front of the Chinese Buddhist Temple. It's really beautiful.
Yokohama Port

Yokohama Port

We went to Ginza Japanese restaurant with the Fujii family. They are my Japanese family from long ago.
Lore and Keiji and me
Mike's side

Getting together with friends of long ago. It's the best reason of all for me to come back to Japan.

While in Tokyo, I decided to take a side trip to Hokkaido, to see my friends, Hiroko, Charlie, Riho and Rina. Here we are eating famous Sapporo ramen. Yummy!!
Hiroko and me
Riho and Buffy

Hiroko and I at the musicbox museum/store in Otaru, Hokkaido.

Here is Riho taking a little nap with Buffy.
Riho and me
Rina says it's time to go!

Do you think Riho and I look as scary as the bear? Bears are famous in Hokkaido
Rina and Riho

Rina loves icecream, but eating it from the bottom? She likes a good challenge. We tried soft icecream with squid juice. Sounds gross but it was pretty good.

Look behind the girls. In Hokkaido they use bamboo teepees wrapped around bushes and little trees to protect them from the heavy snow they get every year. In Sapporo, they got 73 cm of snow within three days, and to my fortune, the snow stopped hours before my flight was due to depart. The flight was only 80 minutes delayed, and I waited at the airport for an hour while Hiroko navigated through the snow-covered streets. But who's to let a little snow stop us from having a ball.

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