Japan Trip 2004 pg. 2
girls ih Hokkaido
Rina and Dad

Hokkaido continued... here are the girls and me. Hiroko, Riho, Rina.

Here is a funny picture of Rina jumping on Dad's back making a funny face.

This is a medium next to the car. I took this picture from the car. It snowed a lot before I went to Hokkaido.

Hiroko at the airport before I left. I was there only two nights, but I was sad to leave.

my friend from TESCO 22 years ago. We had fun traveling around Japan together. Masako looks just the same... pretty as ever.

A student from Read to Learn, Noriko and I met for a walk in Ginza. This is taken on the 8th floor of the Mitsukoshi Department store in Ginza. The clock outside is famous there.

Lunch at a sushi restaurant with Nikki guys. I used to work with them 20 years ago.
Masako and Mom

Nikki lunch - Koyama-san - being silly.

Masako, her Mom and I went to Harajuku for some shopping. It was too fun. Masako was my student when she was in Chicago going to college. She is now married with three kids.
Godzilla and me

Look who I found in Hibiya? The big guy, Godzilla!!

Shoko, her parents and I at the Imperial Hotel.
Japanese calligraphy
Calligraphy class

I took a Japanese caligraphy class.

My friend, Kazuko, the calligraphy teacher and me. (He wrote the calligraphy I'm holding. I'm too embarrassed to show mine!)

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