My Family in Japan
Here are some old pictures of my family from the 1960's when we lived in Japan.
Hideko, Debby and Diane
Debby and Diane
Hideko, our maid, with Debby and Diane the baby. 1963
Debby and Diane, 1964
Debby and Diane
Debby and Danny
Diane and Debby on their first day of school.
One of my favorite pictures of Danny and I, 1963 or 1964.
Debby, Danny and Mom
Danny and Debby in yukata
On our first day of school. Danny is going to kindergarden at St. Mary's and I am going to First Grade at International School of Sacred Heart (Seishin Jagakuen). 1965.
I think it's 1964 and we are probably getting ready to go to the neighborhood Obon festival in the summer.
Diane and Danny
Debby in kimono
Diane looks like she is 2 or 3 that would make it 1965.
Here I am in a Kimono with Hideko.
Diane and Danny
Here is Dan and Shoko. See Shoko in 2003 on anther page: "Japan Trip 2004"
Just me.
Hanging around the house.
Playing in the park.

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